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5 Ways to Improve Workplace Success

In today’s job market, standing out and continuously improving your skills are essential to ensuring job security. Those who are intentional about improving themselves professionally tend to be more valuable to their organizations and are less likely to be impacted during layoffs or downsizing. According to Infosec Institute, employees who have earned certifications create a more professional environment at work. We’ve put together the top five ways you can improve your workplace success.

1. Develop a Growth Mindset and Work Ethic

Some of the most valuable keys to success in the workplace are to have a growth mindset and work ethic. At a recent ACT Workforce Conference, Josh Davies, Center of Work Ethic Development, shared responses to this question posed to employers: “What is the number one skill separating the best from the worst employees?” For four straight years, the answer was work ethic. When you have a good work ethic coupled with an attitude toward learning and embracing challenges, you’re more likely to achieve career success.

2. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals for yourself can help you stay focused and motivated. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. This framework, known as SMART goals, can help you break down larger goals into manageable steps and track your progress.

3. Collaborate and Communicate Effectively

When working with your colleagues, effective communication is crucial. Make sure you listen actively to their perspectives and be willing to compromise if needed. Speaking clearly and concisely and asking for clarification when needed can lead to a more positive work environment and convey confidence.

4. Continuously Learn and Develop Skills

To remain competitive in the job market, it’s essential to continuously learn and develop new skills. Attend conferences, workshops, and training sessions, read industry-related literature, and seek out mentorship or coaching opportunities. Keeping up with industry trends and acquiring related certifications can help you advance your career and achieve workplace success.

5. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Your positive attitude can go a long way toward achieving success in the workplace. Avoid negativity, focus on solutions instead of problems, and celebrate your successes along the way. A positive attitude can help you stay motivated, build strong relationships with your colleagues and create a positive work environment.

It’s no secret that achieving workplace success requires a combination of skills, mindset, and attitude. A training program can provide the certifications you need and help you adopt these strategies to improve your performance, advance your career and achieve your professional goals. There’s no better time to start on your road to success than today!

Check out this page on our website to learn more about the ACT WorkKeys Assessment (an assessment to help you measure your essential workplace skills).