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What Skills Will Employers Look For?

Are you preparing to dive into the world of work and wondering what employers are looking for? Well, you’re not alone. Many people are wondering what the secret sauce is to landing a rewarding trade or technical job. One clear thing is that job skills assessments have become the unsung heroes of this journey. They’re the compass that guides job seekers and employers through the complicated terrain of the job market. Learn more about the skills employers are looking for now.

The Power of Job Skills Assessments

We’ve mentioned that job skills assessments are a valuable tool. They help you understand your abilities and areas for growth, giving you the edge in a competitive job market. It’s not just about knowing what you’re good at but also understanding what you need to work on.

Job skills assessments are also a beacon of hope for employers. They help employers identify candidates who possess the skills necessary for their industry. It’s no surprise that many companies invest heavily in training and development. According to eduMe, on average, companies invest approximately $1,252 per employee in these initiatives. That’s a hefty sum, highlighting employers’ importance in finding the right skill sets.

The Essential Skills You Need

So, what essential skills do employers look for? Why do they give these job skills assessments in the first place? What do they help uncover?

  1. Communication skills: Communication skills are at the top of the list. Clear and effective communication is key, whether it’s a mechanic explaining a complicated repair to a customer or an electrician coordinating with a team on a large project.
  2. Problem-solving abilities: Problem-solving abilities are another prized asset. In the world of trades and technical work, challenges can pop up unexpectedly. Thinking on your feet and coming up with creative solutions is invaluable.
  3. Work ethic: Finally, a strong work ethic cannot be overstated. This means showing up on time, displaying a positive attitude, and being willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.

The Next Step in Your Journey

Now that you know more about the role of job skills assessments and the skills employers value, it’s time to take the next step. The Cenla Work Ready Network is here to help you navigate this journey. We invite you to check out the ACT WorkKeys Assessment, an essential tool to help measure your workplace skills.

Your journey into the workforce is not a sprint but a marathon. Every step you take, every job skills assessment you complete brings you closer to your goal. Visit our website to learn more about the ACT WorkKeys Assessment and how it can help you.